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When to Order Birthday Cakes for Maximum Freshness

As any cake lover knows, there's nothing quite like slicing into a moist, flavorful birthday cake on your special day. But have you ever wondered just how far in advance you should order that celebratory cake to ensure peak freshness? 

Leave it too late and you may get stuck with a sub-par option. Order way too early and delicate details like buttercream frosting won't hold up.

We've got you covered with a guide on the perfect time frames to pre-order birthday cakes for your loved ones. Follow these tips and you'll impress with a moist, delicious cake that tastes like it just came out of the oven.


For Store-Bought Bakery Cakes: 2-3 Days in Advance Cakes from grocery stores and standard bakeries are typically baked several days before you pick them up. 


Grab one any sooner than 2-3 days prior to your party and you risk a cake that's becoming stale or dried out by the time of your celebration. Trying to get a store-bought cake can also be stressful if you don't live in the same city as the recipient.


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How long before a birthday should I order a cake?


For Custom Cake Orders: 5-7 Days Lead Time To ensure ultra-fresh, made-to-order results, order custom cakes from an online bakery like Baqers.com in Nigeria 5-7 days prior to the event. This timeframe allows bakers to craft your personalized design with peak-quality ingredients without it being prepared so early that intricate details get ruined. 


However, Baqers is able to fulfill same-day and next-day cake delivery when required for those last-minute needs.


The Convenience of Ordering Cakes Online For those sending birthday surprises to loved ones in other cities, an online cake-ordering experience is a lifesaver. With services like Baqers.com, you can easily order your dream cake design from anywhere and have it delivered fresh for the party. No more hassle tracking down local bakeries!


Keeping It Fresh After Delivery Once you receive that gorgeous birthday centerpiece, some simple tips will help you preserve the cake and make it stay fresh:


  • Refrigerate any portions not eaten within 2 days, tightly wrapped to lock in moisture.
  • Only freeze cake slices (wrapped in plastic) if you won't eat them within 5 days. Thaw overnight before serving.
  • For frosted cakes, avoid refrigerating or freezing if possible to prevent the hardening of delicate frostings.


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With savvy planning on when to pre-order plus some TLC after delivery, you'll be serving up memorable bites of birthday cake bliss for that special someone. 

From custom showstoppers to simple yet reliably fresh celebrations, it's all about nailing those key freshness windows. And with Baqers.com, you've got options for both pre-ordered and speedy last-minute cake needs.