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Top 7 Birthday Cakes in Nigeria and Their Prices

When it comes to celebrating birthdays in Nigeria, the cake is often the centerpiece of the celebration. Whether it's for a child's birthday, a milestone celebration, or a simple gathering of friends and family, the perfect cake can make all the difference. 


Here, we explore the top seven birthday cake options in Nigeria, We will also look at their prices. 


This guide will help you find the perfect cake that's budget-friendly. It will bring joy to your loved ones, no matter the celebration's size.

Baqers is a top choice for birthday cake options in Nigeria. They offer various options and provide quick delivery services. Orders placed before 12 PM can be delivered the same day. 


They have cakes in one, two, or three layers. Prices vary, with a single-layer cake starting from ₦18,900 to ₦130,000.

This will guide you in finding top birthday cakes in Nigeria that meet your needs.


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Whimsical Garden


The whimsical garden birthday cake is an enchanting and lively cake. It shows the beauty of nature. With lovely floral decorations, this garden-themed birthday cake in Nigeria is perfect for any party. The design includes a mix of bright blooms and lush green leaves, creating a magical garden feel.


This floral birthday cake isn't just pretty; it tastes great too. It is moist, light, and packed with delightful flavors. It's the ideal choice for anyone who loves nature-inspired sweets. No matter the event, this whimsical garden birthday cake will please your guests and make a memorable statement.


Availability and choices for the garden-themed birthday cake can differ by location in Nigeria. It's wise to check with local bakeries or online shops to see what's available. Bring the magic of a whimsical garden to your event with this unique cake.


Prices Start from #18,900 - #42,525 for a piece of whimsical garden birthday cake. 


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Rose Delight


Enjoy the sweet scent and gentle taste of the rose delight birthday cake. It's a lovely mix of real rose flavors and a moist, tasty cake. Made with top-notch ingredients, this rose-flavored birthday cake is perfect for parties and events in Nigeria.


Picture a cake that reflects nature's beauty, with each layer soft and filled with a rose's gentle aroma. It has a smooth buttercream frosting that carries more of that lovely rose taste. Topped with detailed rose petals, this rose themed birthday cake looks and tastes amazing.


If you’re looking to up your celebration game, the Rose Delight cake will do the trick. It captures the right mix of flowery and sweet. Let it add that extra charm to your special day in Nigeria.


Prices Start from #18,900 - #42,525 for a piece of rose delight birthday cake. 


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Sprinkles Delight


Get ready to fall in love with the Sprinkles Delight birthday cake. It's a perfect mix of bright colors and yummy tastes. The cake is soft and packed with colorful sprinkles, bringing loads of joy and fun to any event.


The moment you cut this cake, you'll see a confetti of colors scatter. Its moist layers with sprinkles throughout taste as good as they look. It's ideal for birthdays, big achievements, or just to enjoy something sweet. Adding this cake to your celebration brings a sprinkle of magic.


Prices Start from #19,460 to #49,189 for a piece of sprinkles delight birthday cake. 


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Blue Velvet


Looking for a special cake for a birthday? Check out the blue velvet birthday cake. It's not just any cake. This moist and velvety blue cake will catch everyone's eye. The cake's rich color blends perfectly with its smooth texture. It makes your blue-themed birthday cake in Nigeria stand out.


Choosing between a classic blue velvet birthday cake or a modern one is hard. Yet, both will make your Nigeria birthday unforgettable. They add a perfect mix of beauty and taste. Your guests will love your choice of cake.


Prices Start from #20,720 to #43,708 for a piece of blue velvet birthday cake. 


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Oreo Popcorn


Enjoy the amazing mix of Oreo popcorn birthday cake. It blends the known taste of creamy cookies with the playful popcorn texture. This Oreo-themed birthday cake in Nigeria will steal the show at any fun event.


Think about a soft, rich cake filled with crushed cookies and cream birthday cake in Nigeria. It also has fluffy popcorn and a topping of chocolate ganache. This dessert teases your senses, offering a special taste experience.


Are you planning a birthday in Nigeria & you need a cake or just want a tasty snack?


The Oreo Popcorn cake is a must-try. It mixes classic and fun flavors. Let this lovely combo of cookies and popcorn make your party better.

Prices Start from #33,800 to #108,465 for a piece of Oreo Popcorn birthday cake. 


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Ferrero Bliss


Try the Ferrero Bliss birthday cake, a mix of hazelnut and chocolate. It takes you to a sweet place. Made with top-quality Ferrero Bliss ingredients, it's a hit in Nigeria. 


It brings a perfect blend of creamy hazelnut and deep chocolate. And it looks as good as it tastes, impressing everyone. Planning a special event like a birthday? The Ferrero Bliss cake is perfect. It combines amazing textures and flavors. 


This cake turns any celebration into a memorable one. Its charm and deliciousness will have guests talking about it well after it's gone.

Make your birthday special with the Ferrero Bliss cake. It's all about the mix of hazelnut and chocolate. 


Enjoy the luxury of Ferrero Bliss. This cake makes your big day truly memorable. Prices Start from #34,500 - #108,465 for a piece of Ferrero Bliss birthday cake. 


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Black Elegance


Let’s talk about the enchantment of the "Black Elegance" birthday cake. It's a stunning dessert that draws everyone's eyes. Made with the finest dark chocolate, this cake blends sophistication and style perfectly. Just picture cutting into its layers, rich and velvety, offering a taste of pure luxury.


If you're looking for a treat to make your celebration shine, choose the "Black Elegance" birthday cake. It features a gorgeous black color and detailed designs. These details turn it into a work of art, impressing all your guests.


Plus, its deep chocolatey taste promises a truly satisfying experience. Make your special day even more special with the "Black Elegance" cake.


This dessert enhances any celebration, adding a touch of dark, delicious flair. Let its incredible beauty and taste upgrade your birthday event to the highest levels of elegance and luxury.


Prices Start from #35,500 - #102,620  for a piece of Black Elegance birthday cake. 


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